How To Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally And Safely

Testosterone is undoubtedly your body’s most important anabolic hormone. If you’re trying to make serious muscle gains, your most important consideration is your testosterone levels. You need to know how to boost testosterone within your body without the use of anabolic steroids, which wreak havoc on your organs and cause extremely severe side effects.

The fact that most guys still believe you need to use steroids in order to boost your testosterone levels is terrifying to me. There are tons of uninformed people out there who are using steroids just because they know they need higher testosterone levels and they don’t know how else to achieve that testosterone boost.

Steroids absolutely destroy your body and have even lead to the deaths of many bodybuilders over the years, which is why under no circumstances should you ever consider using steroids. 100% natural is always the way to go, without exception…so then the question becomes, how can I boost testosterone levels in my body without using roids?

Option #1: Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is something that I highly recommend avoiding. Although many men have reported increases in their testosterone levels as a result of undergoing hormone therapy (also known as testosterone replacement therapy), it’s important to remember some key points regarding this process…

First, it’s generally meant for older men who have low testosterone (Low T) and are looking to correct the issue. It’s not necessarily designed for bodybuilders and weight lifters who are looking for a shortcut to muscle mass. Even if you’re an old guy looking to fix your low testosterone issue, studies show you’re better off utilizing other methods.

Second, it’s extremely unpleasant and expensive. You have to spend hundreds of dollars every month in order to get hormone replacement therapy, which is a ridiculously high price. The process involves visiting the doctor’s office on a weekly basis to receive injections of synthetic testosterone…it’s definitely not a process you’ll enjoy.

Last but not least, the testosterone you are being injected with is SYNTHETIC. In other words, it’s NOT REAL. That means it’s going to cause your body to respond in a very negative way because your body doesn’t like foreign chemicals.

Your body will treat synthetic testosterone as an invader and try to fight if off, which is ultimately what leads to this process causing so many side effects. Your body does not agree with the use of synthetic testosterone. It responds positively ONLY to natural testosterone.

Option #2: Testosterone Gels

Another choice you have is to opt for a testosterone gel, which is a pretty self explanatory method. You simply apply the synthetic testosterone gel to your skin on a daily basis, and your body absorbs it, which leads to an increase in testosterone levels. Pretty straight forward, right?

WRONG! Testosterone gels are a definite no-go guys. They can actually rub off of your skin and get onto other people, such as your wife and kids for example, which can cause them to experience side effects. Unless you want your girlfriend to grow a mustache, I’d recommend avoiding using a testosterone gel.

The even bigger problem with these gels is the fact that the testosterone in use is again synthetic. It’s not authentic testosterone, which means your body is going to have the same problem with it as it has with the testosterone that is used in hormone therapy.

The only way to boost testosterone effectively, safely, and free of side effects, is to do it naturally. You can’t just ingest synthetic testosterone and expect all of your problems to go away. Just think about that for a second…it doesn’t sound like a very healthy thing to do, does it?

Option #3: Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural testosterone boosters are nothing short of a miracle. These products don’t contain any synthetic testosterone, and they don’t make any attempt to approach boosting your testosterone levels in an inauthentic manner. The ingredients are all natural, and when you’re using them, your body’s newfound testosterone is completely natural.

How Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Work?

Natural testosterone boosters contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to stimulate the production of testosterone WITHIN your body upon ingestion. This means that your body is actually producing more of its own testosterone, which is basically a miracle. The best way to boost testosterone within your body is by getting your body to create more of it, and that’s exactly what these supplements do.

If the testosterone was created by your body, that means it’s obviously not going to be treated as a foreign invader like the synthetic testosterone would be. Instead, it’s going to be acknowledged, utilized, and put to work. If you can get your body to make more of its own juice, so to speak, you just found the ultimate shortcut to muscle mass AND the ultimate solution to low testosterone.

What Exactly Do These Supplements Contain?

Natural test boosters usually include ingredients such as plant and flower extracts, herbs, vitamins, and amino acids that are rarely found elsewhere.

There are many herbs and and vitamins that have been proven across clinical trials to boost testosterone levels in the human body, and natural testosterone boosters usually contain a synergistic combination of such ingredients.

Speaking of the combination, it’s extremely important to consider what’s being combined, also known as the formula. When you’re searching for a testosterone booster, you have to know what to look for. The formula has to have ingredients with clinical proof, sufficient dosages, and NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS.

How To Recognize Whether A Testosterone Booster Is Effective Or Not BEFORE BUYING

Before you spend your money on a testosterone booster, it’s important for you to know that there is a way for you to determine whether or not it’s going to work WITHOUT TESTING IT. You don’t have to buy the product to find out whether or not it’s effective. All you have to do is analyze the formula.

Step 1: No Proprietary Blends

If the formula contains a proprietary blend, then don’t buy that particular product. You want to avoid proprietary blends at all costs. When a testosterone booster contains a proprietary blend, this means the dosages of each ingredient are hidden within the blend. In other words, we do not know exactly how much of what is in the formula…there’s no way for you to know what you’re taking.

This is why the first thing to look for is formula transparency, which means the dosages of each of the individual ingredients are disclosed. There should be a dosage size listed next to every single ingredient on the formula, and if there’s not, you’re going to want to look elsewhere for a testosterone booster.

Step 2: The Ingredients Themselves

If you can’t type the ingredient in on Google and find clinical studies that show it actually works, then guess what…it doesn’t work. You only want to use formulas that contain 100% clinically proven ingredients. If it’s not backed by science, then you shouldn’t believe in it.

The websites of the super high quality testosterone boosters will usually contain studies that show how the ingredients work so that you don’t have to do the research on your own. For example, the one I take, which is called TestoTEK, has tons of clinical studies posted on the website so that you can see the ingredients have been proven to work.

Some examples of clinically proven ingredients include D Aspartic Acid, Mucuna Pruriens, Ginseng, Zinc, Fenugreek and Stinging Nettle Root. Each of these have been tested in a clinical setting and showed a positive effect on the testosterone levels of the men who were using them.

Step 3: The Dosage Sizes

After you have made sure the product does not contain any proprietary blends, the next thing you’ll want to do is check that the dosages are large enough. The size of an effective dosage varies depending on the ingredient in question, but you usually can recognize a small dosage when you see one.

In general, any dosage of a testosterone boosting ingredient that is 10 or 20 milligrams is going to be too small, unless its Zinc. Zinc should be dosed at about 20-25 milligrams. Everything else needs to be dosed around at least 50 milligrams per serving as a general rule of thumb.

But again, dosage size requirements are different for every ingredient, which is why you just need to do your research. Or, if you’re lucky enough to find a product that contains all of the studies on the website itself, then you should have all of the research right there in front of you showing that the dosage sizes are effective.

Step 4: Evaluating Overall Potency

Overall potency is important because if a testosterone booster contains sufficient dosages of just 3 or 4 ingredients, then it meets the previous three check marks we talked about, but it’s still NOT an effective testosterone booster overall because of the fact that it doesn’t include enough ingredients…in other words, it’s not potent enough.

You typically want to see at least 10 ingredients on the label in order for the supplement to be potent enough. If there’s anything less than 10 ingredients in the testosterone booster you’re looking at, then the potency is probably too low.

You can calculate the overall potency by adding up the dosages of each ingredient. For example, my testosterone booster (TestoTEK) contains about 2,600 milligrams per serving, PLUS 2,000 IU of Vitamin D. This is a tremendous overall potency, which is one of the main reasons why I choose to use this particular product.

The average overall potency is about for testosterone boosters in my experience is about 1,000-1,500 milligrams per serving. In my opinion, anything over 2,000 milligrams per serving is a solid overall potency, and anything over 2,500 milligrams per serving is an exceptional overall potency. I have yet to find an overall potency higher than that of the testosterone booster I currently use.

The Final Step: Adding It All Up

The last step is take all of these things into consideration. Does your testosterone booster meet all of the check marks? Did you go through all four of the previous steps when analyzing the formula? To summarize, here is a list of what your testosterone booster should include…

  • No proprietary blends
  • All dosages disclosed on the label
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Scientific studies posted on the website
  • About 10 total ingredients
  • Sufficient dosages of each ingredient
  • An overall potency of around 2,500 milligrams per serving

Foods That Boost Testosterone

While you can’t get anywhere near as powerful of a testosterone boost just by eating these foods as opposed to taking a testosterone booster, eating these foods can really help get your testosterone levels through the roof if you eat them WHILE also being on a natural test booster.

In other words, don’t try to replace a natural testosterone booster with these foods. This list of T-boosting foods is just an extra tool I’m giving you to help get your T levels up even faster. If you combine a high quality natural T booster with these foods on a regular basis, your testosterone levels will be off the charts in no time. Here is the list of foods that boost testosterone…

  • Oysters
  • Tuna
  • Pomegranate
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish
  • Beans
  • Beef
  • Whey protein
  • Coconut
  • Olive oil

My Advice On How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

The only way to super effectively boost testosterone in a natural manner is to use a natural testosterone booster, and my official recommendation based on my analysis of the label is a TestoTEK. I personally use TestoTEK, and I recommend it to all of my male clients who are trying to gain muscle.

Aside from using an ultra high quality natural testosterone booster that meets all the marks, you can also try utilizing my list of foods that boost testosterone. The absolute best way to boost testosterone naturally is by combining a natural T-booster with some of the T-boosting foods I listed above.

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